If you are English speaking, you can order an English version of your customized travel activity book.

The Enfant Voyageur travel activity book

As you prepare to go on holidays with your family in a foreign country, the Enfant Voyageur creates for you a bespoke travel book which will stick to your travel itinerary day after day.

This travel book includes information on the country that your children will discover and also activities to fill in as you go. It encourages the children to observe, understand and have fun ! It allows them to get interested in their travel and to keep a souvenir of it afterwards.

The travel book is printed in an A5 size , with a high quality paper and hard cover.

The content of the books are adapted to the age of the children, there are suitable for children from 5 years old up to teenage years.



It’s a bespoke and personalized travel book based on the program of your journey.
The travel book is unique for each family and its children.
Each child has his own travel book with content adapted to his age.
So the youngest children will have a different book from the oldest.


The children are discovering their destination in an active way. Every day, they get explanations about what they are visiting or doing and they fill in their travel book pages on the topics of the day.
The children enjoy reading, answering questions, doing the activities and games.
It’s a user-friendly book, the children can share their ideas between them and with the adults.


It’s a hard cover book, strong enough to support many handlings during the journey and also to be placed in the children bookcase afterwards.

In a A5 size, it includes between 80 to 100 pages, as well as a pocket to put their souvenirs (tickets, money, images, …) or a pencil.
The children always have their travel book in their bag to use it during a visit, a transport or a break.

Story of Enfant Voyageur

As a family we lived in different continents, therefore we had great opportunities to travel nearby in some amazing countries, discovering new cultures and very different landscapes and environments.

Our children were at first really young when they travelled with us. I was wondering how they could get interested in their journey and which memories they could keep afterwards.

It is how I started to create some travel activity books. They grow up, but each time we go for a new journey, they ask me a travel book !

I published my first travel book on New-York city, part of the « Jo et moi autour du monde » series. Thanks to the editor for their confidence.

As the homing pigeon, called « Pigeon voyageur » in French, the « Enfant voyageur » goes on an adventure abroad and always comes back home, full of amazing memories!

Content of a travel book Enfant Voyageur

Here are the major sections of a travel book:

This section tells about the country, its history, geography compared to where you live, fauna and flora, language, culture, stories and local traditions.

The child is always active in his discoveries. By observing and filling in his pages, he is learning.

Some specific content can be developed depending of the country and the way to travel.

This section is dedicated to the journey day by day, or stage by stage, according to your itinerary.

By reading his travel book the child learns about what he is visiting or doing. In the same times, he filles in some parts: looking for clues, finding answers or doing games. But also he expresses himself by giving his opinion, sharing his discoveries and his feelings. This travel book is the collection of his travel.

Games related to the journey is a good way to deepen his knowledges. Learn by playing or simply play for fun! The child can either do crossword, word search and why not a quiz for his parents! Also, many specific games such as animal race, puzzles on the melting ice, find the right way, accuracy and observing games, who will score a goal or also coloring traditional items.

The last pages are dedicated to his own comments and his photo album, so all his memories are in the same place.

It’s fantastic to travel with children, either if they are young or older. What a pleasure to see them discovering the world and to be part of the same adventure!

It’s a chance to contribute to their open-mindedness and to develop their curiosity and knowledge.

It’s the pleasure to share with them some quality moments of complicity, communication, emotions and human encounters. A travel is an opportunity to strengthen family ties and to take the time to be all together.


You can share your request about the Enfant Voyageur travel activity books.

To order your travel book, send us the program and the dates of your journey, also indicate the number of children and their age.

Consider at least 3 weeks to create your travel book.